Ceramic Wonder “Touch Down” Personal Massage Tool

Now you can experience the next best thing to a real massage in your own home, at work or just about anywhere.

For more therapeutic effect, the Touch Down personal massage tool can be used heated or chilled. Simply warm up the tool under hot water or chill in refrigerator or ice. Elegantly designed, the therapeutic Ceramic Wonder Touch Down massage tool can be used to ease muscle pain and stress providing relief to practically everyone-from children to seniors and from the competitive athlete to the busy executive. This fantastic eco friendly device is designed to provide you with a muscle-relaxing, stress-reducing, stimulating massage experience.

The Ceramic Wonder Touch Down can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to muscular trigger points and tension or with semi-circle moves over the rest of your body – it’s great with oil or body creams.

Even your pets will love a massage with the Ceramic Wonder Touch Down!