Ceramic Wonder Wands No.5

Professional Wellness Massage Tool Set Ceramic Wonder Wands No.5 performs based on classical, deep tissue and acupressure massage techniques. Represents unique combination of therapeutic effects surely to enhance clients holistic experience.
Can be used hot or cold.

Wellness massage techniques with the Ceramic Wonder Wands No.5

Massage is a beneficial way to relax the body and enhance the functions of the body tissues.

Massages with the Ceramic Wonder Wands No.5 normally begin with five types of long, flowing, strokes. Massage therapists apply massage oil on the back and other parts of the client’s body to facilitate the smoothness of the rub, then use gliding strokes on the body parts being worked on.

This part of the massage is helpful in alleviating body pain and joint stiffness. It also benefits patients who have problems with poor circulation.

Three different techniques of deep tissue movements follow a gentle, but effective, warm-up. Deep tissue massage movements are a more focused kind of massage, targeting the deeper muscles located below the top muscles. Deep tissue massages use slower strokes moving across the grain of the muscle. This type of massage is often recommended for chronic, tight, and painful muscles, for prolonged physical injury, and for athletes who are involved in heavy physical activity.

Therapists can use a side of ceramic wonder for pressure points on each energy point for 2-8 seconds, thus increasing the flow of energy and balancing the body. Therapists can apply pressure on the back, legs, and feet of their clients. This pressure is firm, but relaxing.

Aromatherapy is of additional help since essential oils from scented plants such as geranium, peppermint, lavender, lime and others bring lusty smells to the air that elevate the mood, thus enabling a relaxing, energizing, and stress-reduced massage.

Anti-cellulite massage

Fat pockets on a person’s skin may be ruptured by massage and result in a reduction of the pitted appearance of cellulite. A study from Vanderbilt University in 2001 showed that deep mechanical massage can help improve the appearance of cellulite. To massage for anti-cellulite purposes, follow wellness and lymphatic drainage techniques. It helps to boost the functions of the lymphatic system, encouraging the removal and filtering of waste, toxins, and excess fluids from cells as well as boosting the body’s natural immunity. If lymph circulation is poor, lymph fluid can solidify itself, thus creating thickened fibers that bind with the septa (fibers of collagen that run through fat cells).

Movements in anti-cellulite massage have to be harder and bulging upwards to create the dimple, orange-peel, affect. They also have to be more repetitive on problem areas. Instead of risking over- stimulating the working area, ask your client about their comfort level. If it is becoming too painful, move to another area.

For more effective results, anti-cellulite oils can be added to this massage.

Physiological effects of massage

Given that the impact of ceramic tools when rubbing is quite intensive, the massage has beneficial effect on skin muscles, which in its turn increases the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and its look. During the massage, dead horny cells are exfoliated from the outer layer of the epidermis, metabolic processes in the skin are activated, and the function of the sweat and sebaceous glands is improved, clearing the excretory duct of dirt and excretions, balancing body thermoregulation.

Heated ceramic tools give additional warmth to tissues and have decongestive effect, as warmth enhances blood circulation and lymph flow, increasing metabolism in tissues.

Massage with Ceramic Wonder tools has a profound effect on the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue. Rubbing skin with Ceramic Wonder tools combined with passive massage of the joints enhances the secretion of synovial fluid, blood and lymph flow in the joint, having a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, including muscles. The ideal combination of the wellness massage is the alternation of different massage techniques – grinding, passive movements and kneading tired muscles with hot Ceramic Wonder tools.

Very important fact that makes Ceramic Wonder different from, and more beneficial than, other massage tools on the market is that while performing the massage, therapists are massaging their own hands as well. This is an excellent way of preventing occupational risks, such as carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motion and fatigue from standing for an extended period of time.


Massage with ceramic tools is subject to all the basic contraindications of massage: any inflammation processes in the body, fever, damage to the skin, fresh wounds, cuts, as well as bleeding, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, cancer, skin diseases, infectious diseases, congestive heart failure, pain of unknown nature, varicose veins (avoid locally), etc.

Warnings: Do not drop tool. It is fragile and can break. Before use Ceramic wonder thoroughly check
condition of the tool, make sure there is no broken or cracked part of ceramic and glaze of the tools to prevent damage and cuts. If Ceramic Wonder used cold or hot check temperature of the tool careful with your own hands as well and always reassure comfort level of your clients at the beginning and during the massage or treatment. Do not use microwave to warm up,only hot water or professional hot cabinet. Refresh your knowledge of anatomy and physiology of human body to give most benefits to your clients and prevent over stimulation or cause any damage during massage or treatment.