Q: Irina, what is the Ceramic Wonder?

A: Tallinn Art Ceramic Factory is proud to present a new professional ceramic massage tool of the 21st century. Because of it has such a unique purpose we named it a Ceramic Wonder.

Q: What is the Ceramic Wonder made of?

A: This hand crafted massage tool is made out of natural – ecologically clean materials: clay and glaze.

We have developed a technological process and found the proper temperature during the firing process to keep the glaze shaped as a pearl on the surface of the tool.

Q: What are the benefits of this tool being made out of ceramic?

A: This tool is light and durable. Since it is made out of ceramic it allows the tool to keep desired temperature. It’s also very easy to keep clean and disinfected.

Ceramic Wonder can be used heated or chilled for more therapeutic effect.

When heated the tool can serve as an extension of the therapist’s hands to loosen and warm tight muscles and balance the energy points in the body. In this manner, massage is good for those who have muscle tension and prefer lighter massage.

When chilled the tool can be used as a powerful decongestant pushing fluid and waste out of overworked, chronically tense or inflamed tissues. Cold can interrupt the pain-spasm-pain cycle. Cold also offers a challenge to the body so it tones and strengthens several systems, especially the immune system.

Q: Why should a massage therapist have to use this tool?

A: Ceramic Wonder serves as an extension of the therapists hands. This tool provides more effective massage and greater benefits that are achieved in a shorter time with less physical effort.

Another very important fact that makes Ceramic Wonder different and beneficial from other massage tools on the market is that during massage the therapist is massaging their own hands as well and preventing professional problems like carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive-motion and fatigue from standing for extended period of time.

Q: What are the benefits for the therapist’s clients to have their massage with this tool?

A: A full body massage with Ceramic Wonder helps to:

• Stimulate lymph system

• Stimulate immune system

• Relax muscles

• Reduce cramps

• Increase flexibility

• Reduce recovery time

• Release endorphins

• Reduce post-operative scar tissue and edema

• Reduce migraine pain

• Improve range of motion

• Reduce depression

Q: What kind of massages can be performed with the Ceramic Wonder?

A: Ceramic Wonder in the hands of a professional massage therapist along with their knowledge of anatomy, physiology of the human body, work experience and imagination can become an essential part of any type of massage.

We have developed 2 types of massage: Wellness massage based on classical massage and anti-cellulite massage.

Q: Are there any instructions for massage performance with the Ceramic Wonder?

A: In one of the finest urban spas in Tallinn “City Spa” we have developed and tested step by step protocols for these type of massages.

Prior to performing a massage please do following:

Before performing massage consult your client for contraindication precautions.

Warnings: Do not drop the Ceramic Wonder massage tool as it is fragile and can break. Before using Ceramic Wonder thoroughly check the condition of the tool and make certain there are no broken or cracked ceramic or glaze on the tool to prevent damage and cuts. If Ceramic Wonder is used cold or hot, check the temperature of the tool carefully with your hands first and always reassure the comfort level of your client at the beginning and during the massage or treatment. Do not use microwave to warm the Ceramic Wonder massage tool. Use only hot water or a professional hot cabinet. Refresh your knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body to provide the most benefit to your client during their massage and prevent over stimulation or the potential to cause any damage during massage or treatment.

Health is the road to happiness.

We wish you to achieve success on this journey.

Now I would like to perform these massage techniques for you.