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Sad statistics:

an average person catches a cold twice a year. School children can catch a cold even more often – from 10 to 12 times a year.

The reason for catching a cold is viruses.

Sounds familiar?

At first, you have a running nose and the discharge is transparent, later, when it already contains dead microorganisms, it becomes yellowish or greenish.
Unfortunately, there is no universal remedy for a cold. One of the reasons for this is that there is a tremendous variety of viruses and they mutate constantly. Viruses are transmitted from one person to another by direct contact with infected nasal mucosa or by the air.

This is why nasal irrigation is a very beneficial remedy for a cold and also a good prevention method.
Nasal irrigation is a personal hygiene practice, when excessive mucus and debris are being washed out from nasal cavities and sinus of Highmore. This procedure has been practiced in India as one of the Yoga techniques for several centuries. It has been clinically proven that nasal irrigation is safe and beneficial for health, and that saline solution has a beneficial effect. Patients who have chronic inflammation of sinus of Highmore often notice that nasal irrigation provides effective relief from characteristic headaches, bad breath, cough, snoring, running nose and nasal congestion.


The principle of this method is that the solution is poured into one nostril and flows out from the other, or flows down the larynx and can be simply spitted out.

Nasal irrigation using saline solution moisturizes your nasal mucosa and washes out the encrusted mucus and debris. When prepared in right proportions, the solution has a slightly acidic ph and an antibacterial effect. The flow of the solution through nasal cavities ensures washing out of debris, airborne allergens (dust and pollen), chemical compounds, pollutants and bacteria-filled mucus.

This procedure has been proved to be safe both for adults and children, as long as no potential allergens (such as iodine) or contaminants (algae, etc) are used in the sodium chloride (sea salt).

To encourage your kids do the procedure, present it to them as a trick, where water is poured into one nostril, and flows out from the other. You will amuse your children and they will more likely develop a habit of performing nasal irrigation along with their parents, thereby preventing illnesses of the whole family.


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