Reflex Ying Yang Body Globes

Utilizing application of Hot and/or Cold Reflex Ying Yang Body Globes
along the body Meridian lines with strokes & acupressure techniques. Ceramic Wonder Yin Yang massage – combination of the ancient practice with unique tools of modern day technology. Great feature, fill it up with fluid for a longer lasting desired temperature.

To cool down or warm up the massage globes for face and body, alcohol or glycerin is poured into the tools. Then, after corking the tools, they are put in the freezer (to be chilled) or they can be warmed up under hot running water, as well as in electrical appliances. Hot towel cabinets, and containers for hot rocks (the tools can be placed directly onto the heat stones) are perfect for warming up the tools. One should strictly adhere to all safety measures, following the standard rules. The water is not suitable as a filler for cooling down the tools in the freezer, as it expands when freezing, and will damage the tools.